We can create a bespoke branded Radio Station for your Supermarket!

A Live schedule played throughout the day, incorporating audio imaging and jingles and presented as a Live Radio Station through your existing PA system!

You can utilise the station to promote sales, special offers, promotions and opening times, as well as customer service announcements, security messages, policy and seasonal?changes and more Providing a direct marketing tool for your Supermarket!

The Music: Includes all seasonal music throughout the year, can be selected to suit the exact demographic throughout the day, the correct atmosphere can be developed, increases dwelling time and customers spend, with an immense selection of music to choose from.

Station Characteristics

  • Music to suit the environment
  • Advertise weekly or daily special offers
  • You control the content
  • True music variety
  • Up to date programming ? seasonal songs and marketing
  • Drive butterfly shoppers within your Supermarket

Supermarkets Demos