Audiokast is a provider of bespoke radio background music and marketing solutions to a wide selection of business sectors.

Our fully bespoke radio platform enables our clients to create the right atmosphere in their venues. As well as broadcast vital information in relation to their business and facilities, enhance customer service, promote health and safety, drive secondary-spend.

Digital Signage Screens

Audiokast also provides high quality commercial screens. The screens can be placed in almost any environment or situation where you can to provide and share information. Our clients also have an opportunity to generate revenue from their digital signage screens. This can be done through the creation and sale of time-based digital signage that can be situated on the screens.

All installations are carried out by our professional in-house team with full training provided on the use of the signage software.

Our bespoke audio and visual media platforms compliment any existing marketing activity and provide the opportunity to go paperless.