York Sport Village

I have been impressed by the level of service provided by Audiokast since we began working with them earlier this year. We were looking for a product which sounded slick and professional to our valued members and customers. I feel we have that in Audiokast we have that. The range of music is excellent, and the customised ads only enhance the feel of the product. The setup process was relatively quick and simple; they have been able to respond to our requests promptly and overall I would recommend them to anyone looking to create their own bespoke sound.

St John’s Shopping Centre

Music is a key component of the St. Johns shopper experience; whilst working with Audiokast I have found them to be customer focused and amenable to our changing needs. Our requests are always carried out efficiently and communication back to the centre is strong. Added value items such as the production of bespoke advertisements for centre services are not only well made but created at pace to support the aims of our shopping centre. We thoroughly recommend Audiokast as a service provider.

Total Fitness

It was very important to Total Fitness as a major fitness chain to install the right music solution in each of our clubs. As well as providing the best music solution the Audiokast platform enables us to provide our members with useful information and Total Fitness with an effective marketing solution. We can promote our group exercise classes, personal training and membership campaigns which allows us to engage with members throughout the club with relevant information as well as drive secondary spend. We have also been able to trust Audiokast to approach local businesses that we identify as relevant to our members and offer them advertising on our radio platform. As well as generating revenue from secondary spend we also receive a % of revenue from advertising placed on our platform so it’s truly a win-win solution for us.